Our Process

At Amazing Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on being a well-organized business. Ten years ago, we developed a process designed to make every one of our customer interactions stress-free and easy.

Free Consultation

We offer each client a free no-obligation quote. Our sales consultants will help you design a structure to complement the style of your home. At our consultation, we'll bring all our samples right to your doorstep and take the time to answer all your questions.

Accepting the Quote

Once you've accepted the quote, our consultant will then arrange a second appointment with you to ensure that every detail of job meets our agreement.

Council Approval

While not every job requires council approval, we'll inform you at the consultation stage if your installation does. In keeping with our promise to provide a stress-free experience, Amazing Home Improvements will handle the entire approval process on your behalf.


Our building manager will make another appointment to complete a check measure of the structure you want built. After the final measurements are made, he'll place the order for materials and give you a timeframe on when construction will begin.

Design and Installation

At Amazing Home Improvements, we don't offer a one-type-fits-all product. We believe in empowering each and every client with the help of our friendly sales consultants. Our team will walk you through each step of the design process, getting to know your outdoor area and helping you develop a model for the ideal covering. We strive to match our bursting sense of creativity with a solid commitment to supporting your budget and meeting your satisfaction.

We're fortunate to have a staff of skilled and reliable tradespeople. Not only are they committed to working hard and finishing each job on time, but they take pride and pleasure in doing each job well. As a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), we try to keep our job performance at above industry standards.

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